In Summer 2014, 30 leaders from health, academia, and nature-focused nonprofits gathered at The Johnson Foundation at Wingspread in Racine, Wisconsin to explore the connections between health and nature. To a person, everyone affirmed the positive health benefits from spending time in nature, and the imperative to use health as an important lens in guiding conservation. That affirmation formed the heart of the Wingspread Declaration on Health and Nature. This site is home to that Declaration and an open invitation to everyone to join our call to action. In short, humans are part of nature, our connection with nature is a fundamental human need, and we believe access to nature is a basic right. Join us, and endorse the Wingspread Declaration!

The original gathering was made possible by Yale University’s Program on Strategies for the Future of Conservation, the Land Trust Alliance, Forrest and Marcie Berkley, and The Johnson Foundation at Wingspread. The Johnson Foundation at Wingspread is a family foundation in Racine, Wisconsin, dedicated to being a catalyst for solutions to the most pressing environmental and community problems of our time.