Endorse the Wingspread Declaration

Join a community committed to connecting people to nature. By endorsing the Wingspread Declaration, you are committing your own and/or your organization’s efforts to realizing the vision and the call to action articulated in the Declaration.

You are agreeing to list your name below as a supporter of the Declaration. Most important, you are joining us as catalysts for reconnecting all people to nature as an essential strategy for promoting human health and well-being.

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  • Catherine Nagel

    Executive Director
    City Parks Alliance

  • Mark J Spalding

    The Ocean Foundation

  • Kyle Macdonald

    Outdoors Empowered Network

  • Wayne Hubbard

    Urban American Outdoors

  • Craig Kelley

    Kelley Family Foundation

  • John Griffith

    California Conservation Corps

  • Timothy Daniel

    Executive Director
    Mohican School in the Out-of-Doors

  • Brian Kittler

    Western Regional Director
    Pinchot Institute for Conservation

  • Kurt Beil

    Post-doctoral Researcher
    National College of Natural Medicine

  • Steve Buchtel

    Executive Director
    Trails for Illinois

  • Vanessa Hayes

    Executive Director
    Evergreen Nature Center

  • Glenn Hoagland

    Executive Director
    Mohonk Preserve

  • Laura Morris

    Executive Director
    Shelby Farms Park Conservancy

  • Dr. Mark Wilson

    Health Officer
    Jefferson County Board of Health

  • Gerrie Schmidt

    Board Member
    American Horticultural Therapy Association

  • Jeff Darlington

    Executive Director
    Placer Land Trust

  • Jerry Haugen

    Global Creations Explore! eMagazine

  • Judy Anderson

    Community Consultants

  • Zach Pine

    Nature Sculpture

  • Kathleen Zarksy

    HOLOS and Biomimicry TX

  • Kevin Carter

    Executive Director
    Teatown Lake Reservation

  • Tom Heinrich

  • Erin Cushing

  • Phoenix Smith

    Founding Ecotherapist

  • Bryce Winter

    Youth in Wilderness Manager
    Ventana Wilderness Alliance

  • Mary Hanson

    Executive Assistant at Tuleyome
    Blog Writer

  • Jack McMahan

    Executive Director
    Wilderness Matters, Inc.

  • Quentin Wheeler

    SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry

  • Steven Woolpert

    Licensed Professional Counselor

  • Lee-Anne Milburn

    PhD, Chair
    Cal Poly Pomona

  • Jeffrey Gluck

    Unisun, Inc.

  • Mike Muldoon

    Forest Trails Coordinator
    Northumberland County Forest

  • John Barrett

    Interim Executive Director
    Brushwood Center at Ryerson Woods

  • Brad Andres

    Evergreen Audobon

  • Hans Klein-Hewett

    Landscape Architect
    RDG Planning & Design

  • Lisa King

    Chief of Planning & Development
    Summit Metro Parks

  • Ron Cox

  • Sue Howe

    Executive Director
    The Outdoor Recreation Alliance

  • Holly Spoth-Torres

    Park Superintendent
    Anchorage Parks and Recreation

  • Teresia Hazen

    Coordinator of Therapeutic Gardens
    Legacy Health

  • Fletcher Beaudoin

    Assistant Director
    Portland State University, Institute for Sustainable Solutions

  • Felix Satir

    Founder & Executive Director
    Nearby Nature

  • Sarah Hill

    Youth Education Director
    Rewild Portland

  • Ruth Hays

    Teatown Lake Reservation

  • Albert Todd

    Executive Director
    Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay

  • Ardelle Tuxen

  • Holly Spoth-Torres

    Park Superintendent
    Anchorage Parks and Recreation

  • Paul Guyre

    Professor of Physiology/Immunology
    Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth

  • Suzanne Tugman-Engel

    Community Outreach
    Kaniksu Land Trust

  • Peggy Stevens

    Executive Director
    Northern Virginia Conservation Trust

  • Kelly Bricker

    Department of Parks, Recreation, and Tourism

  • Lisa Wald

  • Cathy Jordan

    Associate Professor
    University of Minnesota

  • Luis Camargo

    Founder & Director

  • Hannah Quimby

    Executive Director
    Quimby Family Foundation